Harouki Zombi at the Go Bar

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Harouki Zombi at the Go Bar

Our friends Nina Barnes and Orenda Fink got together and created a wowee zowee extravaganza of kabuki, kimono, samurai and sumo…
Jason Thrasher took these photos at the Go Bar a few weeks ago where they DJ’d a set to some phreaky visuals made by Nina Barnes with a little help from TP&D’s Eddie the Wheel. A bunch of Athens girls got into it with glitter, exploding confetti bombs and red sticky stuff.

We only wish we’d been able to travel to the House of Loom to see the real deal in Omaha— more space to breathe and dance and witness the Japaneasy stylings of NinOre and the Harouki-Zombi! and even more especially to exprience Nina’s solo art show– so far 8 of her pieces have sold from the show– you can check out some of her amazingly intricate and beautiful prints at the web site Beth made for Nina.

Jason’s photos…