More New Town Revue

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More New Town Revue

It’s time for some new designs for the New Town Revue posters…

This month a sketch Beth at Thrasher Photo and Design made of a Chinese Luna Moth set the theme–

Prose reader John Pence (who’s also known to us via Rabbit Box and Write Club) is a Kung-fu expert, poet Julia Maher emotes about her experiences in China, and one of our personal favorite crooners, Jacob Morris, has a new bag, named Moths.

Lightning is Beth’s favorite kind of weather, and inspired by the new video work by Thrasher Photo & Design alum, Eddie Whelan, for Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen, she ran a pink glitch on her photo.

Come check out the New Town Revue at Avid Books next Friday– it’s always interesting, and with the full program just under an hour, it’s never too long.

Here are a few more of Beth’s NTR posters from the past few months..

this one featured a folded exquisite corpse between steven trimmer and natalie stephens.. pulled from a coffee shop napkin steven donated to the cause