Beth’s Branding Project for Hedgerow Farm

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Beth’s Branding Project for Hedgerow Farm

Branding, photography, website and print design for Hedgerow Farm, a family owned and operated farm in Bishop, GA. Projects included logo and corporate identity, t-shirts, stationary, product labels, hang-tags & website. Project by Thrasher Photo and Design in Athens, GA.

Hedgerow Farm is a family-run farm in Bishop, Georgia with the mission of bringing back the land-and-animal-friendly homesteading practices of days gone by.

Beth Hall Thrasher of Thrasher Photo and Design art directed the project, with help from her incredible team: designer Callie, map artist Justine, and water colorist/illustrator Eddie.

The Hedgerow Farm logo and brand, based on client Lisa Douglas’ wish for an original mark which would carry the name of her family farm into all media:


We also custom-designed this wooden carved sign for the farm, working closely with the folks at Apex Sign and Design in Athens. It’s a beautiful all-cedar sign featuring the new logo. After a lot of head-scratching, we realized it’s pretty darn difficult to find a true wood sign– nearly all the “wooden” signs out there in the world t0day are made of plastic.

Apex Sign and Design can make an all-cedar carved sign for you, just the way you want it, out of real wood!


Also for this project, Eddie Whelan sketched and painted dozens of plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit, trees and…

The Fig Preserves labels, for big Bell Jars and tiny jars, too! Featuring Eddie Whelan’s watercolors of Lisa’s figs. Did you know that figs only appear for a few weeks a year– so if someone gives you a fig or a jar of fig preserves, they must really love ya!

Beth designed labels featuring Eddie’s paintings for the farm’s honey, fig preserves and eggs, with help from Callie on the layout. We think they turned out pretty amazing. And again, thanks to Apex for printing the water resistant labels– they are best known for their work printing automobile and amp-friendly stickers for Athens’ touring bands, and they are located right next to our pals at Chase Park Transduction.

and then,

T-Shirts! Lisa says that folks stop her far and wide (last weekend on St. Simons!) to ask “Where did you get that T-shirt?!

We spent quite some time finding the softest organic cotton T-shirts, and again applied our HF brand and logo–
Our friends at Satisfactory printed them with soy-based inks– eco-friendly and super, super soft… We did a summer version on ivory short sleeves!

We also created this gorgeous map for Hedgerow Farm, featuring illustrations by our amazing Justine Stevens:


These herb and pecan hang-tags with hand-carved silk screened images by Eddie Whelan looked great on Lisa’s holiday gifts.


And this fun egg carton design:





Check it out:
Hedgerow Farm Website

Our beautiful website for Hedgerow Farm was art directed by Beth Hall Thrasher with layout design by Callie features Jason Thrasher’s photography with watercolors by Eddie. Lisa Douglas’s comprehensive take on homesteading is so interesting, and there’s so much to learn at her website!



Photographer Jason Thrasher shot all of the images for the site pages and main slideshow, Hedgerow Farm, and our client Lisa’s been shooting all the blog photography herself and doing a great job!

This was a really fun project which involved the whole team at Thrasher Photo and Design!