Branding for Paddle World Adventures

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Branding for Paddle World Adventures

When we first met Brian Wilson, owner of Paddle World Adventures, we didn’t know much about kayaking. And Brian will be the first to admit, he’s not really interested in technology.

But his client base is the traveling kind– paddlers who look for adventure all-over-the-world, much like surfers, literally chasing the right conditions for the best experience– so he knew he’d need a great website to get his message about upcoming trips across quickly.

He also knew he needed a brand for Paddle World Adventures which said everything about his business quickly and visually. The logo needed to be both extreme and family-friendly.

Brian brought a sketch on a napkin to show us as an idea for the logo: water moving around a big log and a rock. It took some convincing to assure him that we needed to go more graphic and less literal, but that’s what logos do. After some discussion we realized that Brian’s logo needed to say  Adventure-Extreme / International / Family. Here’s what Thrasher Photo and Design came up with for Paddle World Adventures:



Brian trusted us–  after he spent a few hours explaining his concept, he went away and left everything to Thrasher Photo and Design to figure out, which is our favorite way to do things. Over the next three weeks we came up the wording to convey his excitement and the best way to organize a potential multitude of trips with an easy online deposit “store” to grab money for the trips whose locations were as yet to be disclosed, and a form for folks who didn’t quite know where they wanted to go, plus a killer logo, and a new mobile-friendly website with simple e-commerce which he and his crew could easily manage and post new trips to from anywhere around the globe. Brian also contacted fellow paddler, Karla Held, and she was soon offering up all the cool photos you see on the website via DropBox from where she was at the time- Laos. A few more expert paddlers were impressed with Brian’s concept and came on board to offer trips from Costa Rica to Africa to China, Bolivia, Argentina– the list keeps growing.

When Brian came back a few weeks later, saw the logo and the new website, his reaction was, “How did you do that?” We love the mobile-friendly, responsive website with the home page’s parallax scrolling.

Now, just a few months in, he’s got dozens of trips scheduled all over the world, and we loved the idea so much, we’re hoping to take his Costa Rica tour next spring. Beth even went whitewater rafting for the first time down the Nantahala later this past summer!

PaddleWorldAdventures Parallax Scrolling Website