Chickasaw Mudd Puppies Video Release Today

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Chickasaw Mudd Puppies Video Release Today

Athfest is here! And Jason wanted to share the live video he made for the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies with you.
The video was released today in conjunction with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia‘s new series celebrating musicians playing live in the gardens…not at the gardens as in for a show, but in the gardens variously surrounded by all of it’s beauty, live and without amplification (other than the battery operated sorts you see here).

Jason shot and directed this video for the series organized for the Botanical Gardens by William Tonks.
They are playing at the Main Stage on Pulaski Street Saturday night around 8PM.

Here’s what Abandoned Couches has to say about the Mudd puppies:

The Chickasaw Mudd Puppies had everything going for it – it was inventive and interesting, debuting at a time where what was becoming popular wasn’t the usual top-40 fare, and it had a huge benefactor in Michael Stipe, who in the early 90s was a pretty big deal (still is, but not like 1991).

But for whatever reason Brant Slay and Ben Reynolds – despite working with producers such as Stipe, Willie Dixon and John Keane – never found much backing outside of Athens. And I guess I was part of the problem, for I heard about the band (because anything the R.E.M. guys supported I would give a listen to, which worked for Waxing Poetics but not so much for The Troggs) but I never bought either White Dirt (1990) or 8 Track Stomp (1991).

But now that the band is back playing music again – with its stomp board, wash board, cowbells and cans in tow – it’s time to give them some time. Bands never die in Athens, they just go on hiatus. Mudd Puppies on the main stage on Washington Street, Saturday night.