Our Photos + Design for Counseling Associates for Well-Being

19 Nov 2010, Posted by bthrasher in athens,design,photo,web design.

Our Photos + Design for Counseling Associates for Well-Being

Jason Thrasher took the photos of this incredible space and the associates.
Beth Thrasher designed and built the web site.
Our friend Michael Lachowski designed the logo in collaboration with Beth.

The Counseling Associates for Well-Being are located in one of the coolest buildings in downtown Athens over Daily Grocery. It was renovated by design-build company, DOC Unlimited — another awesome friend, Carl Martin.

Jason and I thought if the practice used these gorgeous images to promote their business, that the clientele would be attracted to the space. When the site was first launched, the practice had only two associates and one location… now three years and several site updates later, there are seven associates in three locations.

This was one of those projects that was just all-around great!