Thrasher Photo & Design and the Truckers!

24 Nov 2010, Posted by bthrasher in athens,music,photo,video. Tagged , , , , , ,

Thrasher Photo & Design and the Truckers!

Patterson Hood is the bona fide real deal. The Drive-By Truckers are by far the most bad-ass rock and roll band to come out of Athens. And this is something to be thankful for.

Another thing to be thankful for is that Patterson has the ability to make the audience STFU and listen. In Athens, it’s hard to get folks to be quiet at a show, but he can do it, and that makes us really really happy.

The Go-Go Boots Preview video (just one part of the video project Patterson and Jason have been working on together) is on the Record Store Day web site today, scroll down one or two on the home page and you’ll find it between the Doors and the Smashing Pumpkins vids. The Truckers are releasing:  THE THANKSGIVING FILTER, a special 10” with brand new DBT music at participating indie stores this Black Friday. Check it out.

And, here is another video Jason and Eddie have been working on for Patterson and ATO– The Thanksgiving Filter– Happy Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Filter – Acoustic – Go-Go Boots – Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.