Jason Shoots B-52s for Rolling Stone

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Jason Shoots B-52s for Rolling Stone

Just before Valentines Day, Jason photographed the B-52s for Rolling Stone at the Classic Center — in honor of the 35th Anniversary of their first show– in their old hometown of Athens, Georgia. Here’s a link to the article, and here are a few of the images…

The B-52s are known as “The World’s Greatest Party Band,” and this proved true last week, as a couple thousand people packed the house and danced like it was 1977, beehives and all.

The B-52s got their start over drinks at a Chinese restaurant in Athens, Georgia and had their first gig at a friend’s house on Valentines Day in 1977 on Milledge Avenue. Millions of albums sold, and too many hits to count later, the band is still entertaining huge crowds and showing no signs of stopping.

“With the recent disbanding of R.E.M., the B-52’s take their place as the last remaining vestige of Athens’ college-rock origins, the final band from that first wave of talent that gave the town its first real musical presence, opening the metaphorical door for future bands.” Rolling Stone

Jason was excited to finally have the chance to shoot the “B”s. He has images of Pylon, R.E.M., Widespread Panic, and Drive By Truckers, but he says without the B-52s, he was missing a really key element in his portfolio.

Terry Allen, Jason’s first “boss,” is known for his iconic photos of the band back in the day– here’s a really great one of the B-52s shot by Terry, below.

Terry is also Jason’s daughter’s godfather and an awesome photographer. (Terry also shot the first photo of the Sex Pistols when they made their American debut, and the iconic REM cover with Mike jumping up into the air… but that’s another blog post!)

“Athens is a great place for music, and it’s not always perfect,” Tunabunny singer/guitarist Brigette Herron said as a precursor to the final song of the band’s set. “We have the B-52’s to thank for that.”
– Rolling Stone