Jason Shoots Georgia Music Mag Cover

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Jason Shoots Georgia Music Mag Cover

Jason Thrasher shot the photo of the Downtown Thirteen (also known as the Downtown Rumblers) which surfaced this month on the cover of  the Georgia Music Magazine’s Spring 2012 issue. The Downtown Thirteen are a group of local Athens musicians, headed up by Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, who teamed up to be a voice for Protect Downtown Athens, a group against the proposed future development of the 90,000 square-foot Wal-mart in downtown Athens, GA.

The Downtown Thirteen, headed up by Patterson Hood of the Drive-by Truckers, recorded the single “After It’s Gone” at The 40 Watt Club and at Chase Park Transduction. Jason Thrasher directed and shot the video of members of the group performing around Athens. Eddie Whelan worked with Jason to edit the project into a poetic representation of the song, which was written by Patterson Hood. The whole project was completed in two weeks from the recording of the song to the completed video.

The article in Georgia Music Magazine sums up the group and what they stand for after the single and the video received national attention.

Here are some of Jason Thrasher’s stills from the video shoot…

The Downtown Thirteen:

Patterson Hood – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike Mills – Harmonies and Piano
John Bell – Lead Vocals
John Neff – Pedal Steel
David Barbe – Bass
Jay Gonzalez – Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Brad Morgan – Drums
Todd Nance – Percussion
Claire Campbell – Banjo and Harmonies
Lera Lynn – Harmonies
Brannen Miles, Carter King and Payton Bradford – Backing Vocals
Henry Barbe – Electric Guitar