Jason Shoots Reptar for Flagpole

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Jason Shoots Reptar for Flagpole

Jason Thrasher’s Cover Shot of Reptar for Flagpole: May, 2012

A few years ago, during the holidays, I made plans to go to a party with a friend over on Nantahala. This friend had explained, “Hey, so my neighbors, invited me to a going-away party in the house behind me– I don’t know the person who’s moving away. I think they only invited me so I won’t call the cops– they’re gonna have some bands. Want to check it out?”

Of course I did.

We made our way to the house behind my friend’s.. the party had spilled out onto the driveway, and the kids hanging out were even younger than the usual younger kids around Athens… maybe high school?  Some of the kids were drinking Cokes. No one was smoking. Everyone looked so fresh. And young. And nobody seemed to notice our overdressed selves, so we headed inside. The house was absolutely jammed with sweaty kids– everyone was bouncing, and bouncing, and bouncing. The refrigerator and the oven were swaying in towards each other, both also bouncing, like comic book representations of appliances. Every floorboard was rippling like waves moving up and down. There were heads bouncing right up into the low ceilings– kids were hunched over, dancing on the counter-tops in the kitchen, on the tables and furniture in the living room, and they were dancing in line for the bathroom.

Everything in the house was bouncing.

Through the misty mess, we could barely see the guys making the music– they seemed to be crammed up into the front window barely suspended on its ledge. The entire band was smiling. The music was smiling. And all the bouncing dancers were smiling. It was an odd feeling, to be at a show in Athens where everyone, literally everyone, in the room was smiling. Face-hurting smiling.

“WHO IS THIS?” I shouted to one of the dancers.
“REPTAR!” he shouted back.
“WHAT?” I yelled.
“REPTAR! LIKE RUGRATS!” he yelled back.
I vaguely remembered that cartoon. Something about dinosaurs?

When I got home, I searched for Reptar on the web. Yep, it was a character from a cartoon on TV from ’91-’04.
But there wasn’t anything about the band online.

I kept asking everyone over the next few months, “Have you heard of Reptar?” No one had.

But now they have.


Check out:
Reptar’s Official Site

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An excerpt from Chris Hassiotis’ article in Flagpole
May 2, 2012:

So, Reptar’s pretty well known by now around these parts, but here’s the short version: four Athens guys played a ton of house shows, got the city excited, they played more shows, bigger shows, put out a swell EP, toured, toured, toured, picked up fans nationwide, et cetera, et cetera.

“I’m really pleased with how each song has its own sonic character,” says Ulicny. “But I think even more than that, I like how there’s a cohesive sound across the album, too. It’s really clean and very present, but it also has more of a live feel. It sounds more like our band than the EP does. I’m really pleased with it, and I can’t wait for it to come out and for people to hear it.”

“We’re all doing the band full-time,” says Ulicny. “We played Lollapalooza and we made enough from that show to sustain us for the rest of that year, and then we played some bigger festivals and made some money so that we could do the band full-time now. I mean, we’re not rich; we just made enough to get by living in Athens and not having to work day jobs, you know? Though being in a band definitely is work. But it’s incredible. It’s a fucking dream. I can’t ask for anything more than playing music all the time.”

Full Article, Flagpole, by Chris Hassiotis

A few more photos from the cover shoot, Jason Thrasher:

Reptar’s Tour Diary, Flagpole by Michelle Gilzenrat

Below: note, only the razor is in focus…