Jason Thrasher Directs Against Me! Video for “Crash”

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Jason Thrasher Directs Against Me! Video for “Crash”

The press is going crazy for Against Me!‘s new video for Crash, which Jason directed for Laura Jane Grace a few months ago:


Watch Against Me!’s Glammy, Sci-Fi-Themed ‘Crash’ Video

“Against Me! wield light saber guitars against a Darth Vader-like sci-fi villain in their hilarious, low-budget “Crash” video. Decked out in glammy, Kiss-like face paint, the quartet jumps around the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia like caffeinated teenagers, as a solitary camera captures their movements in dizzying spins. “This was one of the most difficult videos we’ve ever made because it was filmed in outer space,” drummer Atom Willard joked in a statement about the Jason Thrasher-directed clip.”


Watch Against Me!’s Spacey Video For ‘Crash’

“Against Me! has dropped an awesomely outer space-like video for “Crash.” Directed by Jason Thrasher and filmed at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA, the clip itself has a stitched-together, DIY aesthetic, but does succeed in making you feel like you’ve crashed landed on an uncharted planet.”

“Crash,” directed by Jason Thrasher for Laura Jane Grace:

Today we get “Crash” along with a set of visuals by Jason Thrasher. The song is a fuzzy, bouncy jaunt with the super catchy hook “I’m not a crash landing/ I want to stay in your orbit a while.” As for the clip, it’s a dizzy, face-painted, cosmic experience with the camera moving in circles around a small room that looks like some kind of awesome planetarium fort a kid dreamed up. (It’s actually the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia.)”

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

Even though the band jokes in a press release that the video was shot in outer space, the Jason Thrasher-directed clip was filmed at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA.”

We knew something was up when Jason started unloading reams of purple fabric, light sabers, a fencing mask, and two dozen boxes of fairy lights into the studio– and it wasn’t even close to Halloween.

What unfolded was the new video, “Crash,” from Against Me!’s new album, Shape Shift With Me.

Shape Shift with Me

You can buy the album here.

Earlier this past spring, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! called to ask Jason if he knew where the band could rehearse in Birmingham. Then she asked if Jason would be willing to go to Alabama to shoot a new video. Jason said, “Why would you rehearse and shoot in Birmingham, when you could do it in Athens?” Jason made a few calls, and New West Records hooked the band up with a rehearsal space, and Velena Vego made the Forty Watt available for the video shoot.

Laura told Jason that she had an “uncompromising vision” for the video which included a camera shooting while spinning in a circle and an outer space villain who would attempt to attack the band and later be shot dead by Atom, the drummer. No problem, Jason said. It was James’ idea to strap a light saber to his guitar. Laura had gotten her hair cut earlier that day at Model Citizen, and when Elizabeth O’Shaughnessy sent her crew over to do “some makeup” (which turned out A-MAZing), James asked to be made up to look like Ace Freely,

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

and the rest is…what you see in “Crash.”
The video was shot in one take, 17 times, from Jason’s spinning office chair.  The 17th one-take, is the final video, unedited.
Dramamine was taken, but it didn’t help, and Jason couldn’t walk in a straight line for nearly a week.

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

Against Me! by Jason Thrasher

Thanks to everyone who helped make “Crash” happen:
Especially Velena Vego and Barrie Buck at the 40 Watt, the folks at New West Records, our most excellent Chad Osburn and Kyle Carruthers, plus Jeff Rapier, Cole Taylor, Thomas Valdez- aka “the Villain”, Elizabeth O’Shaughnessy of Model Citizen with Maddie Mansell, Mary Rose Mindock, Michelle Laird, plus our interns Kate Boudreau and Amy Bray, Lauren Paschal Puls, and me (Beth Thrasher).