Jason Thrasher Photographs Patterson Hood for Billy Reid

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Jason Thrasher Photographs Patterson Hood for Billy Reid

Our friend Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers has been a long time fan of southern designer, Billy Reid whose flagship store is located in Florence, AL.

Reid says, after New York and Los Angeles, Alabama has “the third most members of the Council for Fashion Designers of America.”

And Alabama is where it’s at right now culturally: with the wildly and suddenly popular Alabama Shakes (Patterson introduced them to his manager long before anybody else had heard of them); the resurgence of interest in Muscle Shoals (where Patterson’s dad, David Hood, played with all the greats back in the day– check out the Magnolia Pictures doc); plus our personal faves, Patterson Hood and the Drive-By Truckers– steeped in all things Alabama… and of course, don’t forget, Thrasher Photo and Design’s Jason Thrasher is also Alabama born and bred.

Billy Reid has shops in Atlanta, Austin, D.C., New Orleans, New York and a whole bunch of other cities– and if you need some proper clothes with that certain rock and roll style, he’s your man.

Reid asked photographer Jason Thrasher to shoot Patterson Hood at Nuçis Space in the old R.E.M. Steeple for his new blog post which you can read here.
The shoot also helps draw attention to the Nuçi’s Space fundraiser, in progress, for converting the steeple into a mediation and recording space.

The custom suit designed by Reid, especially for Hood looks amazing.

Here are a few of Jason’s photos from the shoot:

Patterson Hood for Billy Reid by Jason Thrasher

Patterson Hood Nucis Space

Patterson Hood by Jason Thrasher