Jason’s Rock Photography in February Southern Distinction

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Jason’s Rock Photography in February Southern Distinction

Jason Thrasher has the cover of Southern Distinction this month with this photograph picturedof Patterson Hood. The print is currently on view at the Georgia Theatre Gallery in downtown Athens, along with 23 other full color photos of Athens musicians by Jason.

It was Patterson’s idea for Jason to shoot him atop his pickup truck, in homage to Neko Case’s cover for Middle Cyclone.

Patterson also suggested the name of the photo, Middle-Aged Cyclone, in honor of Neko’s record and because both men on the day of the shoot were feeling the effects of having young kids past the age of 40 keep them up all night.

Neko loved the Patterson photo!

Here is her record cover which won tons of awards– designed by another Jason–
Jason Creps.

Patterson and Neko are friends, and the whole crew at Thrasher Photo & Design loves Neko’s record. If you don’t already own Middle Cyclone, go get it!

Plus, the super cool Mercury Cougar pictured here is exactly like the one Beth drove in college (Beth’s was white)– it was the 1967 “Car of the Year” and it ran so smooth and so fast. Beth got hers from a guy at the laundromat on Ponce in Atlanta, and it did great for a few years…until the speedometer broke, the brakes went out, the power steering blew a leak and the back wheels fell off.

Neko raffled off her much nicer version of the same car featured on the cover of Middle Cyclone last year to raise money for the most awesome literacy-related charity based in San Francisco and founded by Dave Eggers, 826 National (it’s right up there with our other favorite, Nuci’s Space) . If only we’d known…we would’ve bought some raffle tickets!

Jason also shot some of the other feature photos for the Southern Distinction February 2012 Music Soul of the South Issue…and here they are:

William Tonks, whose day job is manager of the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, is a captivating performer– if you ever have the chance to see him live, GO! He is the real deal.

Jason also shot this spread of Don Chambers. The big photo of Don at the Georgia Theatre, before the reconstruction, is also on view at the Georgia Theatre Gallery. Don is our neighbor and one of the coolest cats in Athens G-A.

And here’s more about our favorite Athens musician, Patterson Hood… featuring more photos of Patterson by Jason.

Links to the hi-res galleys, straight out of the magazine are here: