Our KAM South Branding Project: Photography, Video, Web Design and Print!

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Our KAM South Branding Project: Photography, Video, Web Design and Print!

The KAM South branding project began in early summer of 2011 with a brainstorming session between Beth Thrasher and Christian Koch. Could we offer everything needed to launch a business online and in the real world? YES! was our emphatic answer. And some thousand or so man hours later, the KAM South brand is fully fleshed out both in print and online.

The entire Thrasher Photo and Design team got into the act on this one– Jason Thrasher headed up the photography and video projects; Gillian Fuqueron and Eddie Whelan offered their very best editing expertise; Beth Thrasher, Callie Prickett and Darilee Sims gave it their all for the print and web design aspects of the project; and our assistants Ben, Abby and Sarah pitched in daily on everything from research, to photo editing, to title creation.

Just take a tour of the KAM South Web Site to get the full picture! And be sure to look out for the full color ads in the December through February issues of Southern Distinction.

Jason first met Christian at a Drive-By Truckers show, of course. Christian is a huge fan of the Truckers, as well as an old skater from back in the day in Florida, so he and Jason had a lot to talk about.

Christian has years of experience in the world of finance and investments, and he decided to start his own firm in Atlanta earlier this year, KAM South. He came to us originally with great ideas, but he wanted to give Thrasher Photo and Design complete creative control with regard to conceiving the brand for his company.

Christian really loves Jason’s photography, and he was inspired by themes centered around the Old South. He wanted to use red, white, blue and black to represent UGA and USA colors. Since his business will focus on helping clients throughout Georgia, it just made sense that Jason would set out to photograph between here and Atlanta, searching for gorgeous images to use on the site. See the full portfolio featured at the KAM South web site.

A few photos are of Beth’s Dad’s old farm in Madison…

The logo– a casual twist on the typically conservative financial industry brands– came about by working closely with Christian. We love the tag line we build wealth because it sums up what KAM South does in just three words– perfect!

Stay tuned to this page for more of the work we’ve done for KAM– everything from videos to business cards, to brochures, ads and a really cool “thank you” card.

This was a really interesting project, and we were able to use every talent of each member of our team on this one!

If your business needs a branding overhaul, or even more fun– if you are starting a new business from scratch, please call Beth  706-372-2655 or Jason 706-380-7778. We’d love to help you develop the best possible plan for branding your company, project or idea!

If you are interested in saving for the future, Christian Koch is your man. Just tell him Beth and Jason sent you!

KAM South, LLC
Christian Koch, CFP®
1040 Riverside Trace
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 843-3745