Acoustic Video for Tom Gabel of Against Me!

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Acoustic Video for Tom Gabel of Against Me!

Jason Thrasher shot this live acoustic video of Tom Gabel for the song Because of the Shame off of the Against Me! re-release of the album White Crosses on May 24, 2011.

Jason was down in Florida with Tom and the band last month to shoot the “official” video for the same song–a memorial piece in honor of a friend of Tom’s, also in homage to the Gainesville scene and the center of it, Common Grounds.

The “official” video is released as of today at the band’s web site Against Me!.

Jason took Eddie with him as second camera on the shoot, and they hung out with the band for a few days. Turns out Against Me!’s new drummer is way into Athens band (and Beth’s new favorite) Witches who just toured with another favorite the Forgetters (Blake from Jawbreaker and the old Mission SF scene, and ex-Against Me! drummer Kevin Mahon). We predict Witches will tour with Against Me! someday soon.

Jason and Eddie came back to the edit suite here at Thrasher Photo & Design to create the live acoustic and official music video versions.

Jason’s been working with Tom for four years– he’s shot official music videos for his band’s and his solo labels as well as acoustic one-takes with Tom from coast to coast.

Here are three more one-take acoustics Jason shot with Tom– this time they met up in Los Angeles, for his solo record, Heart Burns in 2009.

Random Hearts

Tom Gabel – Random Hearts from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.

Cowards Sing At Night

Tom Gabel – Cowards Sing At Night from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.


Tom Gabel – Amputations from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.

And here are two more Jason created with Tom on the road in Florida for Warner Brothers– 2010– thanks to our friend Holly Adams (whose wedding Jason shot way back when).

Teenage Anarchist (and yes, for this one, JT was in the pit AND dove off the stage to get this one-camera vid!)

Against Me! – Teenage Anarchist from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.

White Crosses

Against Me! – White Crosses from Jason Thrasher on Vimeo.