Official Video for Against Me!

18 Jul 2011, Posted by bthrasher in photo,press,video.

Official Video for Against Me!

Check out Jason’s latest music video… This one was created to coincide with the re-release of Against Me!‘s White Crosses album. Tom Gabel dedicates the video for this song Because of the Shame to his friend C.C. Walker. Jason and Eddie finished the piece here in the studio at Thrasher Photo & Design.

Jason shot the footage in Gainesville, Florida in one night– most of which focuses on the closing of Common Grounds– the center of the Gainesville music scene for more than fifteen years. But if you were around Gainesville as far back as the eighties, the footage of Tom and crew driving around through the palm tree and spanish moss infested night lights will leave you with a feeling of beautifully gloomy nostalgia for days gone by.

Jason also shot these stills while driving around with Tom.

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