Our New Production Company

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Our New Production Company

“On our way to Muscle Shoals, Patterson and I went through Nashville so he could meet Bob Ezrin. Bob wanted to talk to Patterson about writing songs for the new Alice Cooper record. While we were there I found out that he had produced the Kiss Destroyer album, and I told him about the photo of me and my sister Tina holding up the record as kids on Easter, 1976– the Easter Bunny had given Tina a bunny and me the Kiss record!

After I found the old snapshot and scanned it, I emailed it to Patterson with the title Destroyer Easter Bunny.

We then realized that it was the perfect name for our production company.

Beth did the original text art in Photoshop, and then I asked Wes Freed to hand draw it for us, and she laid it all out over the picture of my sister and me.This wound up being our credit/logo graphic for the Go-Go Boots Episodes. I’m pretty happy with it.”

— Jason Thrasher, January 24, 2011