04 Nov 2010, Posted by bthrasher


Jason Thrasher / Principal Photographer, THRASHER PHOTO

Jason Thrasher, of Thrasher Photo and Design, is a commercial photographer and video director living in Athens, GA. To see more of his work, please visit his Online Portfolio. Thrasher’s new book, Athens Potluck, on the Athens, GA music scene, is now available by Deeds Publishing. Thrasher photographs for universities, architects, musicians and other personalities, designers and commercial and corporate clients in Athens and Atlanta. Thrasher also travels to work in Nashville, Dallas, West Palm Beach, Miami, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and New York. Call Jason Thrasher today at (706) 380-7778 for more information.

Jason Thrasher’s Rock & Roll photography has been published in SPIN, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, USA Today, New York Times, No Depression, Nylon, Paste, Garden and Gun, and Southern Distinction. Two recent fine art shows featuring his work include Reverberations, at the Lyndon House Arts Center, and WISH at the Hotel Indigo. He also shoots music videos, tour and documentary films for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers (including the Go-Go Boots Episodes), Widespread Panic, Cracker, Tea Leaf Green and Against Me! as well as the recent critically acclaimed T. Hardy Morris Place in Peril series, to name just a few. See more of his recent music videos here.


Thrasher’s fine art work has been exhibited at the ICA in London, Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco, Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Corcoran School of Art in DC, Athens Contemporary Arts Center and Mercury Fine Art in Athens, and at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center. Thrasher’s latest work for his upcoming book, Athens Potluck, is now on permanent installation at the Georgia Theatre Gallery in downtown Athens, Georgia.

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