Our New Town Revue Posters

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Our New Town Revue Posters

Thrasher Photo & Design designed the logo/brand and created the posters for the music and reading series, New Town Revue. We’ve gotten more positive feedback on these posters than anything we’ve done, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about them.

For each design, Beth had a vague notion of what she wanted (“let’s base this on an old burlesque show posters from Paris at the turn of the century” orĀ  “how about using this photograph by surrealist artist Claude Cahun as a launch pad?”) then her designers set to work finding source images and constructing the new graphics, then they put the finishing touches on the posters together in the studio.

Al Dixon and Deirdre Sugiuchi created New Town Revue at our new local indie bookshop, Avid, to help promote the writing community in Athens, and as a way to illustrate that “readings don’t have to be boring.” If you haven’t been to a New Town Revue yet, you are truly missing out– they are short and sweet (good thinking Al and D!) with the entire program running around an hour.

When Al and Deirdre asked if we would come up with a logo for New Town Revue, and some posters for each event, we said sure! We wanted the posters to have a “revue” feel… sort of like those old dance shows from days of yore in Cuba or in Paris, and we wanted to do reprises of vintage show posters. Before long, Beth was part of the New Town Revue team, and the rest is history!

Past New Town Revues have featured readings by David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven, the poets Jeff Fallis and Sabrina Orah Mark, and music by Madeline and Old Smokey, to name just a few.

The next New Town Revue will take place, as it always does, at the awesome indie booksellers, Avid Bookshop on
Thursday, September 27th around 630 in the evening and will feature:

Kristen Iskandrian who will read a short story recently published in Tin House

Stephen Brooks who will read an essay about his distinctive Southern accent,
which recently appeared in storySouth.

Music by Stephen Brooks and Zach Wright from Junker.

We’ll show you the new poster, here, next week after we get it designed!

Our most recent, FOURTH poster for New Town, is Beth’s favorite. She’d been in Chicago for a conference and saw the image pictured below on the left, a photograph by cross-dressing surrealist Claude Cahun, at the Art Institute. We took an Iphone pic of Beth’s hands on the right, into which we dropped the wood-carving-looking eye– then our designers added the blue sky and big stars…Our favorite of all the posters so far:


The FIRST New Town poster was inspired by the Folies Bergere dance revue in Paris. We recreated the dancer in Illustrator, added the NEW TOWN logo we created, plus some spiffy hearts and stars, and, with TP&D graphic designer Callie at the helm, voici…

the SECOND New Town poster, (for the evening during which Beth made her fiction-reading debut, were you there?) was based on a vintage french film poster. Again we redrew everything in Illustrator from a scan of an old poster, added a red accent, blush, the New Town logo we designed and voila…

Stay tuned for more New Town Posters designs!