Thrasher Photo’s Elf Power Video for Darkest Wave

05 Dec 2013, Posted by bthrasher in athens,photo,video.

Thrasher Photo’s Elf Power Video for Darkest Wave

Photographer Jason Thrasher and Elf Power’s main man Andrew Rieger worked together on the concept for the new Elf Power video for Darkest Wave. Andrew sent Jason a link to a Harry Nilsson video, and they went from there.

Harry Nilsson’s All I Think About is You, 1977

Jason shot the video for Darkest Wave in our office against the back wall. Our editor Kyle worked with Jason on the edit, and if you look closely you can see some vines Beth drew one afternoon while hanging out with the kids.

We love the new Elf Power lineup– the originals Andrew Rieger and Laura Carter, with the new addition of The Late BP Helium (Brian Poole) and Jamie Huggins (James Husband)  formerly of of Montreal, and Peter Alvanos. The new Elf Power record, Sunlight on the Moon, is beautiful — you can buy it here at Orange Twin.

SPIN featured the video on their home page.

Creative Loafing and Flagpole wrote a bit about the video, too.

Here’s one of the promo shots Jason made for the new Elf Power release:

Check Jason’s photo and Elf Power’s trax on NPR’s First Listen!

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