We Love Ciné : Our Branding Project Helps Enable Theatre Upgrade

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We Love Ciné : Our Branding Project Helps Enable Theatre Upgrade

Thrasher Photo and Design loves Ciné! Since our company is sponsoring the late night screenings of This is Spinal Tap this month, we thought this was a great time to tell you our Ciné story!

Several times a month since the theater opened, we’ve been going to Ciné to check out their amazing lineup of films. Last summer, when Ciné called Thrasher Photo and Design for help with creating a fundraising campaign, we said, “Of course!” The Athens, GA art house cinema needed to urgently upgrade its two 35mm film screening rooms to support the new state-of-the-art digital film delivery and projection requirements, or face closing the theatre. And, they needed to raise $160K by summer’s end to make it happen. Their plan was to continue presenting pristine 35mm prints for special events like the Summer Classic Series, but in order to continue bringing film-goers the latest and greatest in art house indie films, which are now only delivered via the new digital formats, they needed to urgently upgrade to digital.

Ciné hoped to secure $60,000 via KickStarter, and another $100,000 through donors to cover the cost of upgrading the two screening rooms in just a few months: a pretty major undertaking for a small-town theatre! But Ciné isn’t just any movie theatre… it’s a beloved community arts center, cinema, meeting space, performance space and more. They needed to get the word out about the dollars needed to upgrade, FAST, which is why they came to Thrasher Photo + Design.

Here’s what happened:

Sara Beresford, of EcoFocus Film Festival fame, had volunteered to help Ciné and its board raise the funds. She asked us if we could do the following in less than four weeks:

• Beth Thrasher and her team created a LOGO and TAGLINE for the campaign using the existing Ciné logo, with the addition of  a non-pushy tagline nodding to the upgrade. We loved the idea of a CINÉvolution, and the tagline made the idea even more clear… Beth and writer Sam Thomas brainstormed and this is what we came up with…

• Jason Thrasher directed a short VIDEO to explain the Ciné fundraising efforts, to screen before films during the campaign, and to use on KickStarter. The video was generously narrated by Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, with editing by our amazing Kyle, starring local musicians Cortez Garza and LeeAnn Peppers.

• We also created the text and graphics for the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN.
To view the complete campaign, Click Here.



• We designed POSTCARDS, POSTERS, THEATRICAL BANNERS and film titles as well as graphics for the website:

Thrasher Photo and Design and Cine

• And we designed an ART SHOW specifically for the campaign, to fill the entryway gallery of the theater with large prints of photographs taken by Jason Thrasher of classic films as projected at the Robert Osborne Film Festival. Erin added some subliminal text that Beth and Sam created for the project, urging theatre visitors to donate to the KickStarter campaign!

Jason Thrasher Robert Osborne Film Festival Cine

Jason Thrasher Cine Robert Osborne Film Festival

Jason Thrasher Cine Robert Osborne Film Festival

Jason Thrasher Cine Robert Osborne Film Festival

Jason Thrasher Cine Robert Osborne Film Festival

The Thrasher Photo + Design team got the project done, for immediate use in promoting the KickStarter campaign, around town and in the theater… in less than four weeks!
Sara Beresford tirelessly coordinated all of us crazy creatives at Thrasher Photo and Design along with the Ciné staffers and board, to make sure everything happened on time (thank you Sara Beresford!) It was a wild month.

The KickStarter campaign raised MORE than it’s $60K goal, for a total of $64,290 and the remaining $100K needed for the upgrade was covered by a host of wonderful local arts supporters who responded to the fundraising campaign, to meet the necessary goal of $160,000! And the state-of-the-art upgrade to digital was completed.

Together, we all saved Ciné!

We are so lucky to have Ciné in Athens! Be sure to check out the Summer Classic Comedy Series this summer, and all-year-round for the latest in film!

Thanks for joining the CINÉvolution, and hope to see you at the movies!