Our Design for The Cap Man – Folk Artist

20 Nov 2010, Posted by bthrasher in athens,design.

Our Design for The Cap Man – Folk Artist

Beth and Jason have known cap man as long as they’ve been parents, nearly six years, and cap man’s child was our first kid’s first playmate. Since then it’s been a wild ride watching him with his bottle cap truck loaded up with folk art for sale– in action– at festivals from here to North Carolina and back. We love cap man, so when he and his wife Laura asked us to build his site we were super excited! Take a look— Beth with the help of her gang made the bottle caps of Jimmy and Laura’s favorite sodas and beers really twist on the home page! This project was our first with new guy Eddie Whelan and our intern Callie Prickett– and Darilee Sims who’s quite the coder.

Take some time to check out this WordPress site loaded up with cap man’s art, cool links and info about where he’ll be next.
And see you all at LEAF!

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