Mobile-Friendly Web Design, Photos and Print for The Hub

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Mobile-Friendly Web Design, Photos and Print for The Hub

Brian Molloy came to us with a complete re-branding project– our job at Thrasher Photo and Design: to tell the story of The Hub Bicycles and the teams it sponsors with photography, video, plus a new web site and print campaign.

Our new Home Page design for, for the Hub Bicycles– an awesome full service bike shop in the Five Points neighborhood of Athens, Georgia:

Brian Molloy, owner of The Hub, asked us to simplify his existing 100+ page web site, and turn his message into something clean, simple and responsive for all sizes of devices and computers.

His old site used numerous cumbersome pull-down menus, was extremely text-heavy, and did not resize for phones and tablets. We simplified his site with excellent photography and a massively condensed rewrite of text. The result is an easy to navigate, responsive web site with a very clear message about the Hub, its services, and the teams and bike expo it sponsors. We reduced his 100+ page site down to 12 clean pages.

Here’s an example of an interior page before and after for the Services page (now the Fix page):

It’s easy to see how a clean header, simplified toolbar and formatted text with sub-headings really helps clean up the usability of the site.
(The old Services page continued down for three more screens of additional text… We just took a snippet here, to show you above).

We created a new custom WordPress site for Brian with fresh text, bike-friendly navigation buttons, a simplified message (condensing seven pull-down menus into one static toolbar, with a new toolbar to emphasize the teams sponsored by the Hub– all lost in the previous site), a video giving a brief history of the Hub and what they do for biking in north Georgia, and all new photography– plus an easy-to-update blog/news area (411) so Brian could take ownership of his site’s content.

We created a smaller, secondary toolbar at the top right of each page to connect visitors to the site with the three teams and one expo sponsored by the Hub (previously, this info was lost in the old site): the 706 Project, Athens Velo Club and Athens CX as well as the SE Bike Expo are all supported by the Hub.

Visit the new Hub Bikes site designed by Thrasher Photo and Design, here. Try out the site on all devices and watch how easily the content simplifies and resizes for the smaller Iphone or Ipad screens, then blow it up on your largest monitors to see how expandable everything is–images and logos stay crisp no matter how high you resize the site!

Check out the video Thrasher Photo and Design created for Hub Bikes, which introduces the Hub sales and service staff plus the teams and expo sponsored by the Hub:

New 706 Project EPK designed by Thrasher Photo and Design:



Hub Bikes EPK

Brian also had our Jason Thrasher shoot new team portraits for the Hub-sponsored 706 Project to use on the site and the new EPK we designed for use in securing new team sponsors for 2014, as well as all new photos of the shop and staff for the web site– and we mixed these in with the excellent race photography Brian already had on hand.

The Hub-sponsored 706 Project Team wanted a slick electronic press kit to use for fundraising, as well as in print for trade shows. Thrasher Photo and Design took information from the team leaders, and along with the great new photos Jason shot to create a document which explains what the 706 project is and how they ranked in competition last year.

Here are some of Jason’s photos from the 706 Project team shoot- Brian wanted to emphasize that the team is based in North Georgia, so they headed out into the country to get these shots: