Beth’s Web Design for Woodland Gardens Organic Farm

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Beth’s Web Design for Woodland Gardens Organic Farm

When we first met local managers of Woodland Gardens Organic Farm — Celia¬† and John — I couldn’t get over how incredibly nice and literally down to earth they were. Then we discovered that they are also huge music fans… so we went off on that tangent as we Thrashers tend to do.

On very rare occasion when they aren’t incredibly busy farming, you might catch a glimpse of them at the 40 Watt or the Georgia Theatre.

Celia is the serious muscle behind the farm’s day-to-day operations of the gorgeous and mysteriously owned farm and manages the plants, the land, and the staff. She studied organic farming in Santa Cruz.¬† John manages the business and marketing side. (Ridiculously cute photo by Jason Thrasher.)

Back to biz… so Celia and John wanted a simple web site which would accomplish two main tasks: 1) to allow the current Produce Box subscribers to pay online via credit card or PayPal (there is a waiting list for Produce Box subscriptions) which we did easily and thriftily so that folks can pay via our simple e-commerce solution by credit card and paypal, and 2) to let folks know that the farm isn’t open to the public except on special occasions. (In case you didn’t know, organic farming is a full time job!)

They had a beautiful logo already, which existed only on an older piece of letterhead, so we redrew it in Illustrator and started over with new text and a simplified version of the original drawing to get what you see here.

Then we built their custom WordPress site from scratch, creating the design we wanted in Photoshop first to honor the gorgeous, large photos of the farm, then we worked all of our wants and needs into the css of the site. Don’t try to figure out what theme it is because it’s all custom!!! The site is hosted at local biz EoStudios, our technology partner since 1999– Eo has big customers in the non-profit sector, so we benefit from their secure and co-located (and backed up nightly- does your cheapie web host do that?) servers.

We also designed all-organic Tees for them with soy based inks printed on organic cotton, and had them custom made for Thrasher Photo and Design at local Athens printer Satisfactory Printing (thanks Justin and Nick!). Pick one up at the Morningside Farmers Market.

We designed their business cards to be printed on 100% recycled kraft board with soy based inks– they are on the way from our friends at the Greener Printer as I type this.

Local pals (and another huge Drive-By Truckers fan, thank you very much) at Apex Sign and Design created the magnets Thrasher Photo and Design created for the Woodland Gardens Organic Farm van– you’ll see it driving around Georgia starting next week!

And next we are working on their 100% wood carved farm sign– I’ll post a pic when we get it installed.

If you aren’t yet one of the lucky ones with a box subscription, you can purchase Woodland Gardens produce every Saturday at the Morningside Farmers Market in the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta. They also sell to select restaurants in Atlanta and Athens.

So in an organic nutshell, Thrasher Photo & Design is a full service agency providing local, recycled and organic products and services on request, wherever possible! This Woodland Gardens Organics job is an example of our we-can-do-anything approach to Photo and Design.